Thinking of having a party or large outdoor event?

Why not come and have a look at our heated Barn Conservatory and our large well kept camp site/field.    If we can accommodate you... we will!

Barn Conservatory

Our heated Barn Conservatory is available to hire and proving very popular.  Parties, Bands, Discos or even an afternoon club.  The conservatory now leads directly onto our new patio… a great place to sit and relax in the sun (when it comes out) !   We do great buffets, BBQ's and Hog Roasts (see below).   Apologies but please note that we don’t hire out for under 25 yr old parties.

Hog Roasts, BBQ's & Buffets

Thinking of having a party?  We can cook you a fabulous Hog Roast, 2-Meat Split Roast or BBQ... here... or at home!  Or, if you'd prefer, we have a fabulous 3 tiered Buffet Menu available! Please call 01279 870313 for further details



We have a large, well maintained campsite at the rear of the pub.   Water, disposal facilities and a Portaloo (during  peak season) are available for campers.  Unfortunately, we don't have any electric hook-ups.

Please note that we don't do 'contractor' camping and we are purely a 'stop over' site.


Just call if you'd like a pitch.


Events Field

We use our campsite field for many different events e.g. Car Shows, Motorbike Shows, Sports, Camping and Caravan Club etc.  Whether you want a day or a weekend event, we can help you!

We can also provide BBQ’s & Hog Roasts if required. 


Just give us a call or pop in to discuss your requirements.  If we can do it… we will!